If you just want to eat steak, you don’t have buy the whole cow

The Cleavage Q1

“Without lives filled with love, we wither inside.  Intimacy is oxygen.”

“Of all the harmful myths that we are fed, one of the most insidious is the belief that longing for love is a weakness. I disagree.  Longing for love is not weakness.  It’s wisdom. Numbing our loneliness is a path to despair that plagues our entire culture.  We are not meant to be alone and self-sufficient.  Without lives filled with love, we wither inside.  Intimacy is oxygen.  We don’t need to transcend our hunger for love — we need to honor it.”  – Ken Page “Deeper Dating:  How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy”

I wish you luck today dear friend . . . may your day unfold in ways that are perfect and may you stay in the present to appreciate the perfection though they may not be in accordance with what you envisioned and wished things to be.

Take your stuff and go.  Move on.  Or not.

You long for love.  You long for intimacy.  You have a clear picture in your mind of how he should look like – – race, height, facial features, intimate abilities.  The same formula which got you where you are now:  betrayed, heartbroken and vengeful.  And where you were before the last one.  And even the last one before that?

You have great qualities and you have grating qualities.  My appreciation and my response.  You are candid and I am sure, in the right circumstances and company, caring, careful and carefree.

Yet you circle around.  And around.  Come back, leave.  Repeat.

I invite you to honor your need for love in a way which honors the beautiful soul that you are, the Siren Princess.


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