Listening to Pain

“Listening to another perspective doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with it. We sometimes fear that if we take in another point of view, it will be mistaken for concession. But if we are clear in our own mind that listening doesn’t mean agreement, we can open with confidence to other points of view. We can practice just listening with an open, curious, and not-knowing mind.”   – DM Hamilton

“Here is an invitation to begin to accept your pain, as it is.  Now, let’s be clear about this: acceptance does not mean necessarily liking your pain, just aligning with the fact that it is here today . . . healing begins when you come out of your thought-story that ‘the pain should have gone by now’ (you cannot know that) or ‘the pain will never go away’ (you cannot know that).  That is all past-and-future thinking, nightmares and dreams.  You stop comparing where you are with where you think you should be . . .”  – J Foster


You distract yourself with travel, food, chats and plans of travel, eating and more social media and whatever else takes you away from looking at yourself and putting your awareness on what your emotions are telling you.

You color your emotions with memories and projections and label them as “this is what I feel” . . . “I am focusing on my true feelings”.  So you want to feel yourself betrayed, unloved, pained, unnoticed, victimized.  Vindicated?

You get lost in endlessly revising the past and in writing and re-writing the future – – changing your role, changing your dialogue, your looks, your wardrobe, changing the characters, looking for new characters, changing the plot, the ending . . . then repeat. Looking forward to tomorrow so you can then dream to be in another day, in the past or another tomorrow.

So much energy on avoiding being present in the present.

Let’s just sit still and let life come in.  And eat saturated fat, when we end our fast.




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