No Preferred Perfection

All reality is perfect and if I accept this fully, then I have no preferred perfection, no hoping, no longing for someplace else other than the present moment.

But at the present state of development I am in, there are realities which are easier to accept than others.  For instance, graduating cum laude, getting a promotion, getting a new car are realities easy to accept as perfections.  But there are also realities, such as a broken marriage, betrayal by a romantic partner, non-functional relationships with my kids, which are also perfect but so difficult to accept as perfections.

The difficulty seems to be largely influenced by my personal willfulness and personal expectations of getting what I want, what I “willed” to happen.  And “personal” here is “ego-personal”.

Seeming imperfections pre-suppose certain definitions of perfection.  Else, there is nothing to compare against.  And the one normally defining is the ego-self.  Therefore, reality is judged by the ego-self as perfect or imperfect in accordance to the degree to which reality conforms with what the ego-self has defined.

Reality is created by God.  He is loving, knowing and powerful to the superlative level. The ego-self is selfish, possesses limited basic (versus direct) knowledge and not all-powerful.  Between the two, it is logical to accept that God’s created reality will always be “more perfect” than the ego-self’s.

The ego-self suffers when it insists on its own definition of what is perfect for the moment, what is the perfect outcome, what is the perfect condition.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to accept apparent “bad news” like for instance, the death of your child, as perfect.  And oftentimes, reality is accepted with forlorn resignation or some level of rationalization:  but deep down, is not considered perfect.

“Sana maulit muli” (if only it can be repeated again, and hopefully made perfect); “Sana ganito ang ginawa mo” (this is how you should have done it) are culturally accepted utterances without questioning the underlying assumption:  that they are born out of dislike for reality, a distancing from reality.  And if I distance myself from reality, where does that take me?

No preferred perfection.  It is not easy, but the trying is perfection itself. And I will rest with that for now.


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