“Mindfulness is a very simple process, but unfortunately, explaining that simplicity requires a lot of vocabulary. However, it is a very simple matter. Meditation concerns you and your world—nothing else. It doesn’t particularly concern the next minute or the minute before; it only concerns that very small area where you are. If we reduce ourselves into grains of sand and look at ourselves this very moment, we see that we are just little people concerned with this dot of existence called nowness.”
– excerpted from “Mindfulness of Mind” in The Path of Individual Liberation
by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, page 317.


Times Recording 3I

It is easy to forget now.  It is easier to remember yesterday or dream of tomorrow.  This blog, written now, becomes yesterday as it is being written.  And while writing this blog, my mind is either trying to recall something in the past or speculating about something in the future. The reason I am writing this is to be able to easily recall the excerpted passage about “nowness” by reifying it. And this blog has categories and tags and labels.

I think it is easy to miss “now” because it seems small and empty.  While yesterday and tomorrow – the past and the future — seem full, substantial and real.  The joys and the sorrows, the hopes and the fears, they feel real but they are about the past and the future. And from the point of view of the now, are not real.

I am treading on a path well travelled by other souls but all I can see is the spot I am standing on.  I do not have a guide.  I do not have a roadmap. But I need to directly experience walking on this path to understand its richness, completeness and emptiness or spaciousness.





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