First Time: The magic of moving on is not in finding someone new, but in finding something new in yourself.

First Time with Hanna Aggravate
First Time with Hanna Agravante

The demands of film school has made me push back my photography activities and I have not been able to shoot as regularly as I wanted to but it is a legitimate choice when I decided to pursue filmmaking.  I carry a different set of gears and my base is Mactan.

However, from time to time, schedules allow for a quick shoot and I was lucky enough to work with Hanna Agravante and Jessa and shoot for the first time in Cordova, Cebu.

First Time with Hanna Agravante

Hanna, although just 21, has been modelling for a number of years in her teens, but she rested for a while.  She decided she wanted to go back to modelling and somehow, we found each other through mutual friends.  If I trace back the degrees of separation it would be:  KO – Allan – Shiri – Jessa – Hanna.

First Time with Hanna Agravante

Hanna is such a lively person and very determined.  In our shoot, when a high wall blocked us from accessing our location, she did not hesitate to climb up.  I just decided that it was unsafe for the rest of us, to go through the same route, so we choose another place.

First Time with Hanna Agravante

I like working with Hanna because the shoot just breezes through and she can carry an interesting conversation about things we are mutually interested in.  I would be working again with her for sure soon.


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