There is money there

Tine Perez at Inner Circle
Yesterday, my good friend Alex gave me a call very early in the morning, I was driving on the way to work, to give me updates on some business matters.  Then before hanging up, he asked how I was doing with my filmmaking, he called it cinematography.  I said that was still a few months away, my classes, and that I would still be with the company until the end of June.

Scorned Birds

He then said something extraordinary — he said that there is huge money in filmmaking.  I told him that he was the first person who has told me that (but on reflection, he was the second but it did not register at that time – – the first was my friend Raul).  He said the Chinese way of doing business is to strike while the iron is hot and not wait for 100% certainty.  He said 80% or 75% certain is okay since certitude in business is non-existent.  He then offered to produce my first film project!

Tine Perez at Inner Circle

Wow!  I do not even have anything concrete yet!  the “Two Moans Murders” is just a log line inspired by a photoshoot with The Professional Shooters Group with the very beautiful and amiable Tine Perez.

Tine Perez at Inner Circle
i just find myself lucky to have people who believe in me!  But at the same time, seriously challenged by my friends’ expectations.  But in the end, I want it to be fun and exploratory as I pursue my destiny with passion until the day it is revealed to me!
Tine Perez at Inner Circle
Tine Perez at Inner Circle

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