MsSassy NYC Summer 2014 Collection
MsSassy NYC Summer 2014 Collection

It should be possible to find a positive spin to this.

The other day, my long-time mentor and parent-figure pulled me to a quick unscheduled chat.  My mentor expressed disappoint at my life decisions and built a very compelling case of a series of wrong decisions, meanness, selfishness and broken dreams.

My mentor said that if not for the bond we had, my mentor would have thrown me out the window the first instance I signified my change in life direction.

I think anybody who would take valuable personal time to talk to another human being, whether to praise or fault that person should be thanked and praised.  Thanked for the lesson and information imparted and praised for the courage and malasakit to point out what seems to be wrong.

Nowadays, people are either too polite or too rude without really knowing another person too deeply or personally.  People are quick to dish out generic advices without really knowing the uniqueness of another person.

So when somebody gives me a tailored-made piece of their mind, I feel really blessed and grateful!

When I was in Hong Kong 4 years ago, there was this Indian guy who chased after me in a crowded train station near the convention center just to tell me I had a lucky face. I quickly checked all my belongings and waited for a sales pitch  — but none came.  I really did not understand what it meant to have a lucky face, particularly since that day I lost shooting access to an important fashion event!  Up to this day, I am still trying to understand what he meant by that.  A similar “lucky face” incident  happened to me another time in Singapore.

I googled this incident (http://mssv.net/2011/06/20/you-have-a-lucky-face/comment-page-3/) and realized I do not have a monopoly on this.

These guys gave generic advice and I stopped them from proceeding beyond their saying I have a  lucky face.  I took their blessing and they took the opportunity to bless someone.

And the world goes around.


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