Justine Perez

Justine Perez

Tine complained that I talked incessantly about anything and everything she could throw at me and then some. I was surprised she said that because I thought I just made polite conversation to keep her awake. Maybe there was just a lot on my mind that day to comment on. I remember it was a coding day and I started off very early to squeeze out of the MMDA reach before the window closed. I had Starbucks coffee in a new place called Rockwell something and then some more coffee in Burger King, really weak coffee; while waiting for the rest of the guys to arrive. So yes, maybe it was the coffee or maybe it was Tine who knew how to listen and make transition comments — like keeping a bonfire burning by throwing combustibles every so often. The mountain air was cool, crisp and dry and clean (!) and fueled a heady feeling that the day was going to be great for everybody.

I am glad she was happy and more than satisfied with the outcome of the shoot.


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