Happy Birthday Mang Andres!

Mang Andres birthday photomarathon

I spent the entire day yesterday celebrating the birthday of my friend, Master Leandre Guevarra in a photomarathon in Batangas City and environs.  I actually participated only in day two of three of Mang Andres’, as Master Leandre is fondly called by friends and admirers, photomarathon.

We first went to Dumayaka Falls and then to Kamantigue Beach to shoot four models.


I was using my Samyang 85mm 1.5T video lens and did mostly video shots.  I was able to take a few stills whenever there was a momentary shooting window, which were rare, since I was positioned at the back of the other photographers.


I rode in Mang Andres’ Nissan Patrol so I was able to take a nap on the way to the two locations.  Mang Andres drives his 4 x 4 on rough rodes as if he is on a highway.  In the beginning, the swaying, bouncing and rocking kept me awake; but after the while, they lulled me to sleep.


We ended the day having a big dinner party at Mang Andres’ house called The Mansion, due to the size of the place.  I met his lovely wife and three daughters.

I made a bunch of new friends — Zeb, Erich, Doc Eric, Lang Sky, Kitty Beth, Sherwin Bonifacio, Towpi, Patrick and a host of other photographers, stylists, make-up artists and other supporters of Mang Andres.


I did not stay overnight in Batangas but most of the other photographers stayed the night to join the Day Three shoot today.

I said my leave twice to Mang Andres, the first time before dinner, I guess that was not really in good taste and luckily Kitty Beth convinced me to stay for dinner, which I did.  And then a second time after dinner.

I guess there was a lot on the mind of Mang Andres since he seemed distracted and distant when I said my leave and somehow I got reminded of Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby.


I do not recall the exact words used by F. Scott Fitzgerald but I remember the feel of his description of Jay Gatsby’s distant, distracted look or mood in the novel and I felt I saw the same last night.


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