Winner Wane

Wane Veluz

One of the joys of close friendship is the ability to be open to and be welcoming of other people into the group. This is one of the strong characteristics of The Professional Shooters Group — we are one, and close-knit, but our oneness is not exclusive but inclusive since the boundary between who we are as a group and who others are who are not in the group is porous.  Thus, after our afternoon shoot in High Street, we were able to have a leisurely dessertation in The Cake Place together with Wane Veluz, our model.

We had a Nederburg dessert wine, 70 proof, according to the waiter and a piece of extra moist chocolate cake.  Since everybody was there physically chit-chatting but 50% online with smartphones (following what was happening with Vhong Navarro!) we decided to have a photo contest to force ourselves to be in the present moment: me, Tony Santos and Al Gonzales with our iphones and Wane with her Samsung S.

We had simple rules — take a photo of what was on the table and lay the phones image-side up and ask 3rd parties select the winning art piece.

Since three of us are photographers, we felt we definitely had an edge over Wane.

However, the panel of judges and all of us agreed, that Wane’s piece had more soul that any of our creations.

This is Wane’s Winner picture:

Wane Veluz Winning EntryThe second runner-up was mine!  And here it is:

Julles 2nd Runner-up

The two other entries were quickly withdrawn by their authors for no apparent reason (so strange!) so I do not have images to show. 😛

Congratulations again Wane, from you PSG family!

My album entitled “Wane Beneath My Wings”

And this is Tony Santos’ masterwork, epic album:


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