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Ms Ukraine ME13 Nastia Sukh

I just completed my 3-day preparatory training for my filmmaking course in IAFT called Professional Digital Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC mentored by master-editor, Dennis Lucero at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging in Makati.

The video link above is my final project at the end of the workshop.  All the materials or assets — video clips, audio clips and images — are royalty-free assets given to us to assemble in Adobe Premiere Pro.

It took me 5 hours to assemble the 1’30” video clip!  It was an individual project assignment, so all the debate occurred in my head.  We were given a load of assets to choose from and given 360-degree creative freedom to create whatever we wanted.  The only constraint was the 5-hour editing time and minimum video clip length of 1′ 20″.

The challenge was how to focus and choose a path from among so many possibilities — true in life and in digital video editing! Freedom is perfected in choice, I think it was Minnie Mouse who first articulated this thought and I had to remind myself about this since choices can sometimes paralyze me, instead of empower me.  I can truly appreciate the power of vision and purpose in facilitating work.  Today, there are just too many choices; and most are good choices!

I remember this business executive who kept getting confused with a statement of focus as against a statement of dominance.  The vision was a statement of focus but all the strategies and action plans were of dominance.  It was tough being a nice guy and still be effective in such an environment.  But that chapter is about to close:  “I have often dreamed of a far off place, where a hero’s welcome is waiting for me.”

During the workshop, I kept seeing unifying themes in the concepts discussed.  For example, a simple video clip has three components:  the essence, the wrapper and the CODEC.  When I interview people for a job posting, I try to get to his or her essence since it is easy to get dazzled by the wrapper; and for that to be possible, I have to use the proper CODEC for discernment to start.

Dennis Lucero @ PCCI

Dennis Lucero is an awesome instructor who knows his material very well!  He has an  infectious laughter and overall nice guy personality and blessed with boundless energy!  I do not know where he gets it since I did not see him drinking coffee either!  He is an OC too, just like me!  So I just love his workflow!  Super!

Jojo is a cool dad shooting the basketball games of his son; and he enrolled to better his video outputs.  He is in the food business and trades online on various stock exchanges like a pro! I truly enjoyed his company and what he shared in class.  The learning in class was greatly enhanced because of his questions.

Martin and Janne are team doing wedding videos.  They enrolled because they shot a wedding already and are struggling to cut the video!  Martin is amazing in the stories he shares and the fucking language he shares them with!  He is a bit soft-spoken and speaks with an American accent so I had to listen very carefully.  He is a funny guy without really trying and he has had a rich experience working in the advertising and film industries both in the Philippines and the US which I found totally entertaining and educational at the same time.

Martin described this famous, during her time, film director who always portrayed men of all races as bad guys who liked to rape women.  It seems she megged a lot of films with just that one singular theme! Now that’s focus!

He has also worked with the only photographer Steven Allan Speilberg ever works with  — Steven and Martin knows him but I forgot his name! But he is an American living in Morocco with a production studio in England!

I hope to shoot with Martin next week.



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