Tried and Tested. Thick and Thin.

Tried and Tested. Thick and Thin.

In terms of focus, I am a more 1-inch-wide-5-miles-long than a 5-miles-wide-one-inch-long person. And this reflects on my circle of friends too. I have few friends, but I have deep friendships with those I have.

Two of these are my photography buddies — Tony Santos and Al Gonzales. The other member of our quadrant, Konrad Ong, is not in this picture.

In one of the most challenging phases of my life, they were all there, on call, to support me. They were there as individuals and they were there as a collective — The Professional Shooters Group.

Each one of them are accomplished, principled and practical individuals. They have been with me for more than 10 years and I hope the next 10 will still see all of us together.


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