Why I love this Girl

Bang's Magallanes

She is at this very moment in a Pinoy Big Brother audition in Quezon City.  She went to the place last night in order to have a chance to be auditioned.  The auditions started 7am today and there were over 10,000 eager applicants.  She was #06559.

Last night, she slept on the street,enduring hunger and cold.  Her number was called around mid-afternoon already.  She made the first and second cuts, which left around 1,000 eligible applicants.

She has a burning dream to break into show business as an actress.  This is her one path to achieving her dreams, for herself and for her parents.  I have seen her try and I have seen her making personal sacrifices.

I am praying and I am hoping that, for her sake, she will make it.

She is Blue Hernandez and in my book she is already a winner!


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