2/182 It Feels Like I am a Walking Dead


Julles Robert shoots Shiva Kerr in Bonifacio High Street
Julles Robert shoots Shiva Kerr in Bonifacio High Street

This is day 2/182 and as I move around the Chinatown office, I feel like I am a dead man walking.  I am sure only a couple of people noticed since I have not publicly announced my departure.  I just feels strange knowing that there is a date in the future when all these will end and I enter a strange and unfamiliar phase in my life when I will not have a job title, no calling cards to handout to new people I meet.  Maybe I should update my personal calling card as a safety blanket!

I have been in corporate environments for 30 years and while it is fulfilling and financially-rewarding, it is at the same time stifling!  The mantra is:  the customer is always right!  No matter how wrong they are and how unreasonable they are, they are customers and they are always right.  It is a real struggle not to lose oneself in such an environment.

As I try to recall who I was 30 years ago, when I graduated from university, with academic honors with a clear and direct path to corporate success, I can still see that person inside me even after all the compromises and the blending in.  I am not that person anymore but at the same time, I am still that person.


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